The BeamPath® OTO System provides otologists with the energy they can trust for safe and complete disease removal. The system allows the surgeon to operate with confidence near delicate anatomy by providing minimally invasive access, precise and predictable tissue interaction, and the micron-level thermal spread of CO2 laser energy.

The BeamPath® OTO System is a flexible CO2 laser system that enables precise otologic surgery. Unlike the line-of-sight CO2 laser, the BeamPath OTO’s intuitive hand-held design empowers the surgeon to freely direct CO2 laser energy at any angle and navigate around critical middle ear anatomy. This is useful for procedures where line-of sight CO2 laser energy is typically used, such as stapes surgery (CLASS – CO2 Laser Assisted Stapes Surgery), as well as those where CO2 laser was limited in its use such as chronic ear surgery complicated by cholesteatoma, scar tissue, and adhesions (CLEAR – CO2 Laser Enabled Ablation & Resection).

Stapes Surgery

CLASS: CO2 Laser Assisted Stapes Surgery

The streamlined geometry of the BeamPath OTO-S fiber enables superior visualization in the confined space of the middle ear. Offering the combined benefits of precision, hand-held control, and hemostasis of microvasculature, the BeamPath OTO-S is a superior tool for stapes surgery. The fiber is used to precisely resect the stapes tendon and crus and to safely form a rosette in the footplate. The excellent absorption of CO2 laser energy at the surface of the perilymph and the hand-held maneuverability of the fiber may help to minimize the risk of damage to underlying middle and inner ear structures.

Ablation & Resection

CLEAR: CO2 Laser Enabled Ablation & Resection

The BeamPath OTO-M offers surgeons a no-touch dissection tool, safe to use around the delicate structures of the middle ear. The combined cutting, ablation, and micro-coagulation of the tool allows for efficient yet delicate, layer-by-layer removal of diseased tissue which is often encountered during chronic ear procedures. The fiber can be used for diseased tissue removal during: revision procedures (stapedectomy, mastiodectomy), tympano-mastoidectomy, tumor resection, and ossicular chain reconstruction. The BeamPath OTO-M fiber’s hand-held control and micro-coagulation allow CO2 laser energy to be used as never before.

Clinical Applications

• Stapedotomy • Stapedectomy • Cholesteatoma removal • Adhesion ablation • Scar tissue dissection • Debulking and coagulation of vascular tumors