Lesinski SG, Giesken K. Optical Fiber for CO2 Laser Otosclerosis Surgery, Otolaryngol Head & Neck Surg. 2008;139(2 Suppl 1):57

To determine the safety and efficacy of new handheld optical fibers for CO2 laser stapedotomy and stapedectomy revision. Advantages of the new CO2 optic fibers are: convenience, reliability and precision. Disadvantages are: special adaptor required for laser console, limited spot size and cost. Omniguides’ handheld optic fibers introduce a safe, effective, and precise delivery system for CO2 laser otosclerosis surgery.  Click here for link.


Moss JR, Kaylie DM. Use of OmniGuide CO2 Laser Fiber in Otologic Surgery. Triologic Society (Southern Section) 2008 Poster

The aim of our review is to look at the safety, effi- cacy and outcomes with the use of a handheld carbon dioxide (CO2) laser in middle ear surgery. Click here to view PDF.