OmniGuide's electrically silent advanced energy gives you the confidence and ability to operate near delicate structures within a variety of otolaryngology procedures.

CO2 Laser in Otolaryngologic Surgery

While CO2 laser energy has been used in otolaryngology for almost 50 years, it has historically been limited to cumbersome line-of-sight systems with difficulty in obtaining sufficient anatomical access.

OmniGuide Surgical’s Enhanced Safety Fibers overcome these limitations by enabling the delivery of CO2 laser in an easy-to-use, flexible fiber. OmniGuide laser energy can be delivered through our custom instrumentation, which was designed specifically for head and neck surgeons, through a rigid bronchoscope, flexibible endoscope, or in conjunction with a robotic system.

Monopolar Electrosurgery
Monopolar cautery, from left to right, 35, 30 and 25 Malis. Insert shows specimen excised at 30 Malis.
H&E specimen of monopolar electrosurgery tongue lesion produced at 40 Malis. Total collateral damaged area is highlighted. Image analyzed at 4x magnification.
OmniGuide CO2 Fiber
Two adjacent cuts using the CO2 laser fiber at 15W, 70 PSI. Insert shows one of the specimens excised.
H&E specimen of CO2 laser fiber tongue lesion produced at 20W, 70 PSI. Total collateral damaged area is highlighted. Image analyzed at 10x magnification.

Enhanced Surgical Precision
  • Improved access near difficult-to-reach anatomy, contoured anatomy1,2
  • Minimal thermal trauma improves confidence in obtaining negative margins3
Easier Histological Assessment4,5
  • Smaller coagulation zone and width of injury makes it easier to assess resection margins
Fast Patient Recovery, Return to Normal Diet1
  • Low degree of post-operative swelling and scarring3,4
  • Good swallowing function and low need for tracheostomy, G-tubes4,6
CO2 Laser Clinical Applications
  • Oral Cavity Resection
  • Partial Glossectomy
  • Retromolar Trigone
  • Floor of Mouth
  • Oropharyngeal Resection
  • Tonsillar Cancer
  • Base of Tongue
  • Buccal Lesion
  • Soft Palate
  • Laryngeal Resection
  • Partial Laryngectomy
  • Cordectomy Zenker’s
  • Diverticulectomy
  • Nasopharyngeal Stenosis
  • Tracheal Papilloma
  • Tracheal Granuloma
  • Tracheal Amyloid
  • Vocal Cord Polyps/Cysts
  • Subglottic Hemangioma
  • Subglottic Stenosis Surgery
  • Supraglottoplasty
  • Posterior Cricoid Split
  • Arytenoidectomy

CO2 Laser Papers & Publications

Peer-Reviewed Clinical Papers


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Featured Products

VELOCITY High Performance Fiber

VELOCITY is OmniGuide Surgical's premier flexible fiber. VELOCITY offers the precision of CO2 laser with the cutting speed of monopolar electrosurgery. VELOCITY fibers incorporate 12 mirror layers, more than any other flexible fiber, resulting in a 50% output increase for greater speed and precision cutting than ever before. VELOCITY fibers are 200cm in length and deliver up to 30 Watts of energy.


ELEVATE ELITE ENT Fibers allow surgeons to operate with confidence near delicate anatomy by providing minimally invasive access, precise and predictable tissue interaction, and the micron-level thermal spread. ELEVATE ELITE ENT fibers are 180cm in length and deliver up to 20 Watts of energy.

BeamPath® Robotic Fiber

OmniGuide Surgical's BeamPath Robotic Fibers incorporate the same performance and safety features as our other proprietary fibers, but have been designed specifically for use in robotic surgery. The BeamPath Robotic Fiber is inserted into the flexible coil of the FlexGuide™ ULTRA, and works in tandem with a surgical robotic platform to delivery CO2 laser energy in a minimally invasive robotic approach.

ELEVATE ENT Handpieces

ELEVATE ENT handpieces have been specifically engineered for use in a variety of head and neck surgical procedures, and feature an ergonomically-inspired design that incorporates counterweight technology to reduce fatigue and improve surgeon comfort. A graduated cannula design aids in maintaining a clear visual field, while the enhanced bends assist in accessing hard to reach anatomy.

FlexGuide™ ULTRA

FlexGuide ULTRA instrumentation brings the precision of CO2 energy to robotic surgery. FlexGuide ULTRA is compatible with 5mm and 8mm large needle drivers1 - no additional robotic arm or instrumentation is needed. Its coiled design provides flexibility to accommodate full robotic wristed articulation. A 4mm spatula tip enables efficient blunt dissection and convenient estimation of distance from target tissue.

FMX Ferromagnetic Technology in Otolaryngologic Surgery

Domain Surgical’s FMX Ferromagnetic Surgical System uses ferromagnetic technology to precisely cut, coagulate, and seal tissue; with a fraction of tissue injury compared to other surgical technologies, and without passing electrical current through the patient. Because no electrical current passes through the patient, FMX surgical instruments can be used safely near nerves, vessels, and other delicate tissue structures in otolaryngology surgery.

  • FMwand dissector produces a precise, surface-only thermal effect with tactile control and minimal tissue drag
  • Clean dissection when using the FMwand results in superior visibility and clear margins for reliable pathology specimens
Minimized Thermal Injury
  • FMwand produces as little as 1/10th the thermal injury compared to monopolar electrosurgery1,2
  • FMwand imparts as few as 80 microns (0.08 mm) of thermal spread in some tissue types1,2
  • FMsealer produces a pure thermal effect with less lateral thermal spread than competitive bipolar and ultrasonic devices1,4
Efficient and Robust Vessel Sealing
  • FMsealer delivers reliable vessel sealing performance and burst pressure measurements comparable to or better than industry-leading bipolar devices1,4
  • FMsealer delivers extremely fast and efficient sealing/dividing cycles through vascular tissue bundles, including in tough adhesions and scar tissue1,4
Electrical Silence
  • No electrical current passes through tissue – no grounding pad is used, and no spark, arcing, or stray current, no stimulation of muscles or nerves
  • Surgeons using FMX instruments report no interference with electrophysiological monitoring or cochlear implants1,3
FMX Clinical Applications
  • Complex open neck dissections*
  • Parotidectomy*
  • Thyroidectomy*
  • Parathyroidectomy*
  • Partial Glossectomy*
  • Cochlear implant procedures*

* Based on surgeon experiences

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Featured Products

FMwand Hemostatic Dissector

FMwand hemostatic dissector is an intelligent thermal dissection device that precisely cuts and coagulates with a fraction of the tissue injury compared to monopolar electrosurgery, without passing any electrical current through the patient.

FMsealer Open Shears

FMsealer Open Shears are thermal vessel sealing instruments that use ferromagnetic technology to efficiently seal and divide tissue with minimal thermal injury to adjacent tissue. FMsealer Open Shears are indicated for sealing vascular tissue bundles and vessels up to and including 7 mm in diameter, including lymphatics, in open procedures.

Thulium Laser Technology in Otolaryngologic Surgery

For the excision of pharyngeal tumours and in tonsillectomy the RevoLix jr. laser reveals its outstanding ability for tissue cutting at excellent hemostasis. The necrotic seam underneath the visible cut is less than 1 mm.

Mucosa reduction and soft tissue coagulation in the nasal region by RevoLix jr. is entirely bloodless. Borderlines to the surrounding tissue are clean and the easily identified. Anatomic structures remain preserved. The necrotic seam is restricted to a minimum thus reducing post-op inflammation.

Featured Products

RevoLix jr. Laser

In soft tissue surgery efficient and even cutting combined with strong haemostasis is required. This is provided by the RevoLix jr. laser in an unmatched manner. The new RevoLix jr. laser operates in a continuous wave mode and cuts and vaporizes circulated and white tissue without deep penetration or uncontrolled necrosis

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