Welcome to the new home of LISA Laser!

Resources and content previously found on www.lisalaser.de have now been integrated into the OmniGuide website together with OmniGuide and Domain Surgical technologies. We encourage you to click around the new website to become familiar with the layout. Here are a few quick links to LISA Laser content to get you started:

In August 2018 OmniGuide Holdings acquired LISA Laser Products OHG. The LISA Laser business now operates under the legal entity of LISA Laser Products GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of OmniGuide Holdings.  Development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and support continue to be operated from our facility in Katlenburg-Lindau.

OmniGuide designs and manufactures advanced energy surgical systems that deliver energy in a safe, contained manner resulting in the preservation of healthy tissue. We are in constant pursuit of better outcomes and a safer, more seamless surgical experience. Visit the full OmniGuide website to learn more.