Urology Surgical Applications

Stone Management

BPH & Soft Tissue

Robotic & Laparoscopic

All-in-one platform designed for BPH, Soft Tissue and Stone Management

RevoLix Therapy combines KühleDust™ technology, advanced laser engineering, StopRÖK™ kinetic control software, and a novel energy source to improve clinical outcomes compared to conventional Holmium YAG and Thulium Fiber Lasers.

Stone Management

Up to 4X Faster Dusting

Dust stones in one quarter of the time and finer stone particles than the Holmium YAG (1)

94% Reduction in Retropulsion

At comparable settings, StopRÖK provides virtually no retropulsion compared to Holmium YAG (1)

2X More Peak Power Than Thulium Fiber Lasers

Confidently fragment stones of most hardnesses and types (2)

Avoid Stone and Irrigation Overheating

KühleDust allows for optimal water and stone thermal relaxation to avoid post-procedure complications (3)

BPH and Soft Tissue

Extremely Versatile

RevoLix allows precise vaporization, resection, and incision of tissues, enabling BPH Management and other soft tissue treatments.

Clinically Proven

Only RevoLix Therapy is backed by over 600 clinical papers and 30 years of LISA Laser Thulium Innovation

Reduced Thermal Effect

RevoLix energy delivery may reduce the thermal effect that can cause unwanted tissue damage and irritative symptoms

Precise Coagulation

Thulium 0.2 mm depth of penetration and high absorption by water allows precise and rapid coagulation (4)

1, 2, 3, 4 Data on file at LISA Laser GMBH

Intelliguide Laser System

BEACON Advanced Energy Laser System - Maximium Versatility for Precise CO2 Energy Delivery

The BEACON™ Advanced Energy Laser combines our industry-leading Enhanced Safety Fibers with free beam energy delivery, giving you the versatility to choose.

Extremely Versatile

 Industry-leading enhanced safety fibers + Line of Sight (LOS) capabilities.


OR workflow inspired user interface with smartphone like navigation.

Built for Performance

Innovative design ensures portability with integrity. Multiple laser modes enable desired tissue interaction.