OmniGuide awarded spot on CIO Review of 10 companies at the forefront of robotics solutions

Tullio Cappelletto, Director, Marketing & Sales

OmniGuide was recently awarded a spot on CIO REVIEW: The Enterprise Technology Magazine’s Annual Listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Robotics solutions and transforming businesses.

A forerunner in revolutionizing surgical procedures, OmniGuide introduced FlexAssure™ Flexible Instruments (a proprietary flexible polymer-based CO2 fiber) with the simple mission of improving surgical outcomes by reducing complications. This value proposition made OmniGuide products attractive to surgeons performing laparoscopic & robotic-assisted surgeries, establishing OmniGuideRobotics™ as the premier provider in the field.

“It all started with our FlexAssure™ Flexible Instruments, combining two proprietary technologies, our BeamPath™ waveguide and iCage™ sheath, to meet our mission to deliver a better surgical experience and reduce complications every day,” noted Tullio Cappelletto, OmniGuide’s Director of Marketing and Sales.

BeamPath technologies leverage OmniGuide’s exclusive multi-layered, polymeric fiber technology for maximum flexibility and the photonic band gap effect for high-fidelity laser light transmission so surgeons can count on predictable laser-tissue effects, regardless of their instruments’ orientation. Cladding each fiber is their exclusive iCage™ technology, a proprietary stainless-steel sheathing that protects fiber cores with every turn or twist of the instrument while ensuring laser light remains within the fiber even if it breaks.

“Surgeons immediately realized the value of our CO2 fiber products… the fibers were designed to be more flexible or not leave glass (silica) in the surgical field, and if they failed, iCage kept the light in the fiber… that means safety for patient and user, which is a key to delivering a better surgical experience,” said Cappelletto.

Moreover, “Our fibers offered surgeons more control to excise tissue confidently, knowing that our laser helped them maintain the margins they wanted, potentially eliminating collateral thermal damage and helping optimize viable native tissue.”

Today OmniGuideRobotics™ serves as a core business unit responding to the rapidly evolving field of robotic-assisted surgeries, offering essential products to help surgeons and hospitals access minimally invasive options for major surgery.

From the flexible instrumentation, such as the FlexGuide™ Robotic Conduit, to dedicated FlexAssure Fibers products, such as the Velocity™, Elevate™, and BP-Robotic™ fibers, each product matches surgeons’ performance expectations for tasks and intensity.

OmniGuide products are used across specialties, from transoral robotic-assisted surgery (TORS) in Otolaryngology to robot-assisted myomectomies, hysterectomies, and laparoscopies for endometriosis in Gynecology to tissue-sparing partial nephrectomies in Urology, OmniGuideRobotics™ products serve as critical adjacents and accelerators for robotic surgery.

“We expect the development in robotics to accelerate and intend to be at the leading edge with our new technologies and techniques,” said Cappelletto.

OmniGuide’s recent investment in the OmniGuide Global Training Center in Billerica, MA, headquarters along with the Innovation Institute in Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany, demonstrates a commitment to future innovation beyond serial product line extensions. Commissioned in late- 2022, the OmniGuide Global Training Center provides a comprehensive technical and clinical instruction curriculum, aiding healthcare providers and support teams in gaining valuable insights from subject matter experts. OmniGuide’s Innovation Institute leads efforts to develop advanced biomedical software and sensors for future image-guided and AI capabilities.


It all started with our FlexAssure™ Flexible Instruments, combining two proprietary technologies, our BeamPath™ waveguide and iCage™ sheath, to meet our mission to deliver a better surgical experience and reduce complications every day.


“We’re very excited about the future of bringing the potential of biosensors and AI to our platforms and, by extension, how these advancements will impact robotic-assisted surgeries,” said Cappelletto.

Moving forward, OmniGuide aims to leverage the unmatched competencies of its laser, fiber, and software solutions to revolutionize robot-assisted surgeries and help patients receive the best treatment options.

About OmniGuide, Inc.  

OmniGuide, Inc. is a patient safety-focused medical technology innovator, providing a portfolio of advanced energy surgical tools to benefit clinicians and their patients alike.  The company’s technologies deliver energy in a precise and electrically silent manner, resulting in the preservation of healthy tissue.

OmniGuide Surgical, a leader in flexible fiber CO2 laser technology, offers a range of products designed to enhance surgical accuracy, access and control for minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopy and robotic-assisted surgery.

Domain Surgical, by OmniGuide, Inc., provides a patented ferromagnetic technology designed to provide safety and predictability in select surgical procedures that require cutting, coagulating and sealing of tissue.

LISA Laser Products GmbH, a leader in holmium and thulium laser technology, offers a wide range of products focused on improving clinical and patient outcomes in otolaryngology, neuro and urological surgical procedures.


Tullio Cappelletto
Director, Marketing & Sales
OmniGuide, Inc.