CO2 Laser Systems

OmniGuide Surgical offers a variety of options to meet the unique needs of different surgical specialties. Healthcare providers are able to customize their choice of lasers, fibers, and handpieces to meet their unique needs.

Intelliguide Laser System

BEACON Advanced Energy Laser System


The BEACON™ Advanced Energy Laser combines our industry-leading Enhanced Safety Fibers with free beam energy delivery, giving you the versatility to choose.

System Features:
  • Versatile: Industry-leading enhanced safety fibers + Line of Sight (LOS) capabilities.
  • Easy-to-Use: OR workflow inspired user interface with smartphone like navigation.
  • Built for Performance: Innovative design ensures portability with integrity. Multiple laser modes enable desired tissue interaction.
BEACON Performance Specifications


Dual laser options to accommodate surgical preferences

  • Designed to exclusively support OmniGuide’s polymer-based Enhanced Safety Fibers
  • Line of Sight option provides multiple configurations via lockable Articulating Arm


User friendly interface

  • High-Definition display screen with advanced range of motion OR workflow inspired interface
  • Intuitive, smartphone like navigation
  • Audio & Visual guidance features to enhance user experience

Built for Performance

Portability with integrity

  • Insulation - internal components independent of frame
  • Enables portability without inconvenience of misalignment

Multiple laser modes for desired tissue interaction

  • 2 Waveform Modes: Continuous wave & SuperPulse
  • 3 Output Modes: Continuous, Single Pulse, & Repeat Pulse
BEACON Technical Specifications
Part Numbers 420060-AA: 60W Laser with Articulating Arm
420030-AA: 30W Laser with Articulating Arm
420031: AccuBeam EasySpot Micromanipulator
420070: AccuBeam MicroSpot Micromanipulator
420035: Incisional Hand Piece - 75mm
420037: Incisional Hand Piece - 125mm
420039: Incisional Hand Piece - 250-450mm
420046: Direct Coupler
* Note: additional Mounts for MicroManipulators, Incisional Hand Piece lengths, Adapters and Lens Assemblies available upon request
Laser Wave Length 10,600 nm
Output Power Fiber Adapter: 30 W Maximum
Articulating Arm: 60 W Maximum
Connectors Fiber Adapter: custom ST connector
Articulating Arm: 15/16-12 female thread
Weight 72kg (159lbs – laser only)
Size (WxDxH) 49 x 49 x 144 cm (20” x 20” x 59”)
Operating Voltage/Current: 120 / 240 volts

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