Surgical Laser Fibers

Meet and exceed any Urology Surgical needs by combining LISA Fibers with LISA Holmium and Thulium Lasers. The power you need to achieve precise minimally invasive surgery.




Reduce endoscope deflection loss


Minimize risk of thermal breakage


High Quality Pure Silica enables full-volume energy transfer to tip


Engineered for High Power and Frequency for Stone Dusting and BPH surgery

Unique “fusion technology” bonds the multiple layers of the fiber to create a unique surgical instrument.


  1. Protection Shield: Formulated to protect fiber layers and improve glide within the scope channel
  2. Secondary Coating: Engineered to protect against thermal breakdown in deflected scopes
  3. Primary Coating: Designed to prevent loss of energy at any scope deflection
  4. Pure Silica Core: Premium Silica maximizes energy conduction to the tip

Fiber Tip Design

Straight Tip:

The clinical standard tip design for Soft Tissue and Stone Management procedures


LISA Laser unique spherical tip design glides easily in fully deflected microscopes