FlexAssure Flexible Instruments

OmniGuide Surgical’s polymer-based FlexAssure Flexible Instruments feature multiple layers of highly reflective mirrors, which efficiently and safely transmit laser energy the length of the instrument. Our instruments are uniquely constructed to deliver maximum performance and operational safety. We invented this technology, and we continue to lead the way.

Flexible Fiber Base

Instrument Base

The instrument base is a hollow cynlindrical tube made up of layers of polymer-based mirrors, which reflect the laser energy the length of the instrument. A transparent outer cladding layer is placed between the instrument base and the instrument jacket, providing  strength and enhancing durability.

Flexible Fiber Jacket

Instrument Jacket

The instrument jacket wraps around both the instrument base and the outer cladding, safely containing all laser energy. The jacket contains a stainless steel skeleton which makes the instrument more robust, and greatly reduces kinking.

Multiple Layers of Mirrors

Reflective Mirrors

Multiple layers of highly reflective mirrors reflect the laser beam the length of the instrument, resulting in more efficient delivery of energy than non-reflective instrument. The mirror layers surround a hollow core, which allows for passage of helium gas and laser energy.

A Flexible Instrument for Every Procedure

OmniGuide Surgical offers a variety of instrument designs, each specifically engineered to deliver unique performance in various procedures.
Velocity High Performance Fiber
VELOCITY High Performance Fiber is OmniGuide Surgical’s premier flexible fiber. VELOCITY offers the precision of CO2 laser with the cutting speed of monopolar electrosurgery. VELOCITY fibers incorporate 12 mirror layers, more than any other flexible fiber, resulting in a 50% output increase for greater speed and precision cutting than ever before1. VELOCITY fibers are 200cm in length and deliver up to 30 Watts of energy. Ideal applications include Otolaryngology, Gynecology, and other clinical applications.
Velocity High Performance Fiber
OmniGuide Surgical’s ELEVATE ELITE ENT Fiber is paired with the ELEVATE Handpiece to provide surgeons with energy they can trust for safe and complete disease removal. The fiber allows surgeons to operate with confidence near delicate anatomy by providing minimally invasive access, precise and predictable tissue interaction, and the micron-level thermal spread of CO2 laser energy. An innovative rigid jacket makes the fiber 4 times more robust2. ELEVATE ELITE ENT fibers are 180cm in length and deliver up to 20 Watts of energy. Ideal for use in Otolaryngology.

BeamPath® Robotic Fiber

OmniGuide Surgical’s BeamPath Robotic Fibers incorporate the same performance and safety features as our other proprietary fibers, but have been designed specifically for use in robotic surgery. The BeamPath Robotic Fiber is inserted into the flexible coil of the FlexGuide™ ULTRA, and works in tandem with a surgical robotic platform to delivery CO2 laser energy in a minimally invasive robotic approach.

BeamPath® OTO Fibers

OmniGuide Surgical’s BeamPath OTO-S and OTO-M fibers have been specifically designed for use in otology surgery. BeamPath OTO fibers are fitted with a tip that is only 585 microns in diameter, providing maximum visibility and access in complex otological procedures. The BeamPath OTO fiber is compatible with BeamPath OTO instrumentationIdeal for use in Otology.

BeamPath® NEURO Fiber

BeamPath Neuro fibers are specially designed to meet the unique anatomical challenges of neurosurgery. BeamPath NEURO fibers are paired with BeamPath NEURO Instrumentation to provide neurosurgerons unparalled access to hard-to-reach anatomies. Ideal for use in Neurosurgery. (Not available for use in Europe)

Select Fiber

OmniGuide’s Select Fibers provide healthcare providers an economical alternative without sacrificing access and safety. Select Fibers can be used with a variety of instrumentation in a range of surgical procedures.

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  2. As compared to previous models of the BeamPath fiber; performance data on file

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