OmniGuide Robotic Solutions

OmniGuide Surgical’s robotic platform offers surgeons enhanced versatility and access in robotic surgery. With the ability to cut, ablate, and coagulate, the FlexGuide ULTRA™ and compatible flexible fibers can be used in a variety of procedures in several surgical specialties. Watch any of the videos below to see the FlexGuide ULTRA in action.

VELOCITY High Performance Fiber for Robotic Myomectomy (RALM)

Robotic Excision of Endometriosis. Monopolar Energy vs. CO2 Laser

FlexGuide™ ULTRA

OmniGuide’s FlexGuide ULTRA instrumentation brings the precision of CO2 energy to robotic surgery. FlexGuide ULTRA is compatible with 5mm and 8mm large needle drivers1 – no additional robotic arm or instrumentation is needed. Its coiled design provides flexibility to accommodate full robotic wristed articulation. A 4mm spatula tip enables efficient blunt dissection and convenient estimation of distance from target tissue. FlexGuide ULTRA is autoclave resterilizable for multiple uses.

Flexible Fiber

OmniGuide’s flexible fibers are inserted into the flexible coil of the FlexGuide™ ULTRA, and work in tandem with a surgical robotic platform to deliver CO2 laser energy in a minimally invasive robotic approach. See the Fiber Compatibility Chart below for information on which flexible fibers are compatible with the FlexGuide ULTRA instrumentation.

Fiber Compatibility Chart

OmniGuide's fiber compatibility chart indicates which flexible fibers are compatible with the various handheld instrumentation.

  1. Performance data on file.

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