OmniGuide Robotics serves as a core business unit responding to the rapidly evolving field of robotic-assisted surgeries.

OmniGuide Robotics™ serves as a core business unit responding to the rapidly evolving field of robotic-assisted surgeries, offering essential products to help surgeons and hospitals access minimally invasive options for major surgery. OmniGuide’s diverse products and tools share the common goal of prioritizing patient safety and helping surgical teams minimize day-to-day complications.

OmniGuide Robotics CO2 laser technology delivers precision in difficult to reach areas, while significantly limiting collateral thermal damage. Its advanced laser technology inspires confidence with every cut, providing greater patient safety and more consistent performance than competing systems. This is truly advanced energy, built to deliver the precision and safety that patients deserve.

FlexGuide™ Robotic

OmniGuide’s FlexGuide™ Robotic platform provides surgeons with dedicated Robotic Instrumentation to enable surgeons to access the performance and precision of advanced energy CO2 lasers during fully and robotic-assisted surgeries.

FlexAssure™ Flexible Instrument Fibers

The proprietary FlexAssure™ Flexible Instrument platform is the multi-layered mirror, polymer-based fiber technology designed to optimize fiber flexibility and emitted laser light intensity. Coupled with iCage™ stainless steel safety structure, they deliver exceptional surgical laser performance and safety.

Advanced Energy Laser Systems

CO2 lasers have long been considered the gold standard for precision surgical tissue dissection; controllable, hemostatic, and precise. OmniGuide Robotics has revolutionized CO2 surgeries by merging novel laser technologies to create a state-of-the-art laser system, the BEACON™ Advanced Energy CO2 Laser System.

The BEACON brings superb ergonomics, an intuitive graphical interface and control schema, and a robust CO2 lasing engine, making the BEACON laser system a powerful and reliable addition to any operating room. Add these compatibilities with OmniGuide’s suite of MIS, robotic and manual instrumentation for fiber enhanced laser energy surgeries with the robust free beam energy (aka L.O.S or Line of Sight) option, making the BEACON the laser system of choice for any surgical environment.

About OmniGuide, Inc.  

OmniGuide, Inc. is a patient safety-focused medical technology innovator, providing a portfolio of advanced energy surgical tools to benefit clinicians and their patients alike.  The company’s technologies deliver energy in a precise and electrically silent manner, resulting in the preservation of healthy tissue.

OmniGuide Surgical, a leader in flexible fiber CO2 laser technology, offers a range of products designed to enhance surgical accuracy, access and control for minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopy and robotic-assisted surgery.

Domain Surgical, by OmniGuide, Inc., provides a patented ferromagnetic technology designed to provide safety and predictability in select surgical procedures that require cutting, coagulating and sealing of tissue.

LISA Laser Products GmbH, a leader in holmium and thulium laser technology, offers a wide range of products focused on improving clinical and patient outcomes in otolaryngology, neuro and urological surgical procedures.


Tullio Cappelletto
Director, Marketing & Sales
OmniGuide, Inc.