FlexGuide™ Robotic

OmniGuide’s FlexGuide Robotic instrumentation brings the precision of CO2 energy to robotic surgery. FlexGuide Robotic is compatible with 5mm and 8mm large needle drivers1 – no additional robotic arm or instrumentation is needed. Its coiled design provides flexibility to accommodate full robotic wristed articulation. A 4mm spatula tip enables efficient blunt dissection and convenient estimation of distance from the target tissue. FlexGuide Robotic is autoclave resterilizable for multiple uses.


LapFlex is the only articulating laparoscopic advanced energy instrument for ablation of endometriosis that enables surgeons to access hard-to-reach anatomical structures and anterior disease. The 60° of articulation allows for enhanced precision and control during cutting, ablation and blunt dissection aiding in more complete disease removal. LapFlex is ideal for use in a variety of gynecologic surgical procedures. LapFlex is autoclave resterilizable for multiple uses.

Velocity High Performance Fiber

ELEVATE ENT handpieces have been specifically engineered for use in a variety of head and neck surgical procedures, and feature an ergonomically-inspired design that incorporates counterweight technology to reduce fatigue and improve surgeon comfort. A graduated cannula design aids in maintaining a clear visual field, while the enhanced bends assist in accessing hard to reach anatomy. The spatula tip design enables blunt dissection and tissue manipulation while providing enhanced haptic feedback.  ELEVATE ENT handpieces feature push button loading which allows for 1-step fiber-handpiece assembly, and are all autoclave resterilizable for multiple uses.

Gynecologic Instrumentation

OmniGuide Surgical offers a range of handheld instrumentation that provides unparalleled access in gynecologic surgical procedures. Laparoscopic handpieces are available in 33cm and 46cm working lengths. Instrumentation for use in open lower genital tract procedures range from 3.5cm to 13cm in working length. All gynecologic instrumentation is autoclave resterilizable for multiple uses.

BeamPath® OTO Instrumentation

BeamPath OTO Instrumentation has been designed to meet the unique challenges of otology surgical procedures. BeamPath OTO handpieces feature a streamlined geometry that enable superior visualization in confined anatomies. A pencil grip design enables precise maneuvering around delicate ear structures. BeamPath OTO handpieces are for use only with our uniquely engineered BeamPath OTO fibers. BeamPath OTO instrumentation is autoclave resterilizable for multiple uses.

BeamPath® NEURO Instrumentation

OmniGuide Surgical’s  BeamPath NEURO instrumentation provides surgeons the visibility and access required to enable more complete disease removal in neurosurgical procedures. BeamPath NEURO handpieces are available in lengths ranging from 3.5cm to 10cm in both straight and bayonet configurations. BeamPath NEURO handpieces are only compatible with BeamPath NEURO fibers. BeamPath NEURO instrumentation is autoclave resterilizable for multiple uses.

  1. Performance data on file.