All-in-one platform designed for BPH, Soft Tissue, and Stone Management

RevoLix Therapy combines KühleDust™ technology, advanced laser engineering, StopRÖK™ kinetic control software, and a novel energy source to improve clinical outcomes compared to conventional Holmium YAG and Thulium Fiber Lasers.

Flexibility. Safety.
Strength. FlexAssure.

FlexAssure Flexible Instruments have been used in more than 23,000 procedures with no intra-abdominal instrument breakages. FlexAssure flexible instruments are the only CO2 laser delivery instruments on the market engineered to safely contain laser energy in the event of a failure. FlexAssure flexible instruments are fortified by a stainless steel jacket, ensuring that the instrument will not have shards break off into the patient.


The new standard for CO2 laser has arrived.

OmniGuide’s innovation brings state of-the-art usability and ultra-precise performance to the CO2 line of sight user.

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FMwand has been CLEAR for years.

No Smoke. No Nonsense.

For clinicians and facilities committed to a surgical smoke-free environment, FMwand provides precision dissection with integrated smoke evacuation. Because protecting patient and worker safety is of great importance.

The market-leading Thulium Laser, 30 years in the making

RevoLix Thulium Lasers are optimized to effectively treat BPH via tissue vaporization (ThuVAP),vaporesection (ThuVARP), enucleation (ThuLEP), andvapoenucleation (ThuVEP).

In 2018 OmniGuide acquired LISA Laser Products OHG, a Germany-based surgical designer of market-leading Thulium and Holmium lasers, which address urological and other soft-tissue related conditions which benefit from minimally invasive surgery. Lisa Laser’s technologies have positively impacted surgeons and their patients alike through their proven abilities to improve surgical outcomes such as the reduction of bleeding and the preservation of healthy tissue.

In 2016, OmniGuide Surgical and Domain Surgical were merged, creating an organization focused on providing better outcomes and a safer, more seamless surgical experience. Today, OmniGuide Surgical’s Enhanced Safety Flexible CO2 Laser Fibers and Domain Surgical’s FMX Ferromagnetic Technology are used in the most challenging surgical procedures throughout the world, safely delivering energy resulting in the preservation of healthy tissue.


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