Introducing the TRIO Multifunctional Handpiece.
TRIO is the first and only handpiece that combines CO2 laser, bipolar cautery and fluid suction.


Using CO2 Laser Energy in Gynecology Robotic Surgery – Efficacy, Safety & Outcomes

Please join us for this exclusive online webinar event, led by Dr. Aileen Caceres. This live webinar will focus on benefits of using CO2 laser energy in robotic gynecologic surgical procedures.

Introducing The BEACON™ Advanced Energy Laser SYSTEM. BEACON is the latest advancement in smart CO2 laser technology, that combines our industry leading Enhanced Safety Fibers with free beam energy delivery, giving you the versatility to choose.

Maximum versatility for precise CO2 energy delivery.

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See the FMwand used in a anterior oral pelvectomy procedure performed by Drs. Pompei and Bellocchi at San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital in Rome, Italy. Click on the video to the left, or click the button below.

AAO – American Academy of Otolaryngology
Head & Neck Surgery

September 15-17, 2019
New Orleans, LA

Come visit OmniGuide in Booth #2239 at AAO to see the latest advancement in smart CO2 laser surgical technology, the BEACON Advanced Energy Laser, which combines our industry-leading enhanced safety fibers with free beam energy.

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OmniGuide Welcomes LISA Laser, Developer of Surgical Laser Products

On August 6, 2018 – OmniGuide, Inc. announced a definitive agreement to acquire LISA Laser Products OGH, a Germany-based surgical designer of market-leading Thulium and Holmium lasers, which address urological and other soft-tissue related conditions which benefit from minimally invasive surgery. Lisa Laser’s technologies have positively impacted surgeons and their patients alike through their proven abilities to improve surgical outcomes such as the reduction of bleeding and the preservation of healthy tissue.

Introducing the FMsealer Open Shears, a multi-functional vessel sealing instrument that uses ferromagnetic technology to reliably seal and divide tissue with minimal impact to adjacent healthy tissue.

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Introducing VELOCITY™ High Performance Fibers – delivering a 50% output increase for greater speed, all while maintaining the same precision cutting ability that is clinically proven to preserve healthy tissue and maximize outcomes.

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In 2016, OmniGuide Surgical and Domain Surgical were merged, creating an organization focused on providing better outcomes and a safer, more seamless surgical experience. Today, OmniGuide Surgical’s Enhanced Safety Flexible CO2 Laser Fibers and Domain Surgical’s FMX Ferromagnetic Technology are used in the most challenging surgical procedures throughout the world, safely delivering energy resulting in the preservation of healthy tissue.

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