FMsealer Open Shears

Introducing the FMsealer Open Shears, a multi-functional vessel sealing instrument that uses ferromagnetic technology to reliably seal and divide tissue with minimal impact to adjacent healthy tissue.

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Every Micron Matters

This is not simply advanced energy, it’s electrically silent precision – engineered to deliver an optimized surgical experience and superior patient outcomes.

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Introducing VELOCITY™ High Performance Fibers – delivering a 50% output increase for greater speed, all while maintaining the same precision cutting ability that is clinically proven to preserve healthy tissue and maximize outcomes.

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Education Center’s newly created Education Center features a vast library of surgical videos, relevant clinical publications, and current webinar topics, all in a single location.

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Your Silent Partner

The FMwand hemostatic dissector is completely electrically silent. No electrical current passes through the patient, and no grounding pad is needed.

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In 2016, OmniGuide Surgical and Domain Surgical were merged, creating an organization focused on providing better outcomes and a safer, more seamless surgical experience. Today, OmniGuide Surgical’s Enhanced Safety Flexible CO2 Laser Fibers and Domain Surgical’s FMX Ferromagnetic Technology are used in the most challenging surgical procedures throughout the world, safely delivering energy resulting in the preservation of healthy tissue.


Nerve-Sparing Retropubic Radical Prostatectomy Using the FMwand

Please join us for this exclusive online webinar event, led by Dr. Ioannis Goumas. This live webinar will focus on the background and application of advanced ferromagnetic surgical technology in prostatectomy cases.