About OmniGuide

At OmniGuide, our results-driven culture pushes us to go beyond what most think is possible. We are in constant pursuit of better outcomes and a safer, more seamless surgical experience.
OmniGuide Holdings

OmniGuide Holdings is a patient safety-focused medical technology innovator, providing a portfolio of advanced energy surgical tools to benefit clinicians and their patients. OmniGuide Holdings operates two distinct business units, OmniGuide Surgical and Domain Surgical; both of which create surgical technologies that deliver energy in a precise and electrically silent manner, resulting in the preservation of healthy tissue.

OmniGuide Surgical

OmniGuide Surgical, based in Lexington, MA, USA, is the leader in flexible fiber CO2 laser technology; providing products that enhance surgical accuracy, access, and control for minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopy, and robotic-assisted surgery. Read more about OmniGuide Surgical below.

Domain Surgical

Domain Surgical, located in Salt Lake City, UT, USA, provides a patented ferromagnetic technology designed to provide safety and predictability in select surgical procedures that require cutting, coagulating and sealing tissue. Read more about Domain Surgical below.

Domain Surgical

LISA Laser Products GmbH, a surgical laser company based in Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany, with a core competency of developing advanced lasers for urological & GI applications.


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Management Team

OmniGuide’s management team brings extensive leadership expertise from multiple industries in organizations ranging from technology start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Board of Directors

OmniGuide’s Board of Directors brings a unique mix of proven experience and a sense of vision to our growing organization.

Investor Relations

OmniGuide is currently financed through OrbiMed Advisors, LLC. Learn more at our investor relations page.


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Intellectual Property

OmniGuide has been issued a large number of U.S. and foreign patents covering our novel surgical technologies. View our Intellectual Property summary.

About OmniGuide Surgical

In 1998, a group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology revealed a simple solution to a seemingly impossible problem – how to reflect and channel CO2 laser energy through a hollow-core flexible fiber. Their work was cited in Science magazine’s “Breakthrough of the Year” feature in 1999, placing second only to the Human Genome Project.

The most compelling application of this breakthrough is its use to treat patients with afflictions ranging from cancer to infertility. CO2 laser energy has long been considered the gold standard for safety and precision due to its precise interaction with tissue.  This energy is readily absorbed in water (the main component of living cells), allowing it to efficiently vaporize tissue.  Efficient vaporization results in minimal thermal spread and reduced injury to surrounding healthy tissue. Prior to this discovery, CO2 laser could only be delivered through large, cumbersome line-of-sight equipment, which limited its use to only a few clinical treatments.

OmniGuide Surgical’s Enhanced Safety Flexible Fibers enable surgeons to use CO2 energy in microsurgical, laparoscopic and robotic-assisted approaches. Since commercial production began in 2006, our technology has been used to treat tens-of-thousands of patients, while improving outcomes and enhancing lives.

About Domain Surgical

Domain Surgical creates advanced thermal surgical technology to provide a safer, more precise method for cutting, coagulating, and sealing tissue. Our ferromagnetic surgical technology is designed to provide unparalleled safety and predictability in the most critical surgical applications.

Our patented FMX Ferromagnetic Surgical System was originally conceived by pediatric neurosurgeon Kim H. Manwaring, M.D. as a better alternative to existing energy-based surgical modalities. Our technology is based on the principle of ferromagnetic heating. Simply described, heat is produced when a material having magnetic “domains” is exposed to an alternating magnetic field. The result is a surgical system that provides consistent cutting, coagulation and sealing, with less thermal injury than traditional electrosurgery, while eliminating the passage of electrical current through the patient.