OmniGuide Surgical Announces Commercial Launch of VELOCITY™ High Performance CO2 Laser Fiber

Lexington, MA – March 15, 2017 – OmniGuide Holdings, Inc., the parent company of OmniGuide Surgical announced today the full commercial release of its VELOCITY™ High Performance Fiber.  VELOCITY is the latest addition to OmniGuide’s advanced surgical energy platform and is designed to provide precision cutting with increased speed and performance while maintaining OmniGuide’s commitment to patient safety.

Unlike competitive fibers, OmniGuide’s enhanced safety fiber technology is infused with multiple mirrors as well as a protective outer layer which prevents laser energy leakage. With VELOCITY, the fibers have been developed for higher performance by increasing the mirror content to twelve distinct layers, which serve to increase wattage output and ultimately the cutting speed.  With cutting speed now equivalent to monopolar electrosurgery1, surgeons can reduce procedure time while maintaining  micron-level thermal spread and the tissue preservation benefits associated with CO2 energy.

“While CO2 has been at the forefront of precision cutting energy for 50 plus years, the precision has often been thought to come at the expense of speed” said Dr. Barry Wenig, an Otolaryngologist with the University of Illinois College of Medicine. “With VELOCITY, I am able to improve cautery in complicated cases while reducing the likelihood of post-operative complications by sparing healthy tissue.”

Another design improvement of the VELOCITY™ High Performance Fiber is that the hollow inner-core has been expanded to enable the newly increased energy transmission to be sustainable throughout the surgical case.  This specific design modification preserves the integrity of the higher speed CO2 laser transmission, making it applicable to a wider variety of open, laparoscopic and robotic procedures across multiple surgical specialties.

“We are dedicated to providing surgeons with the most precise energy tools to treat patients in a safe, reliable manner regardless of the surgical application. The VELOCITY™ High Performance Fiber encompasses the best of both worlds – fast, reproducible cutting without the collateral thermal damage often seen as a result of electrosurgery” said OmniGuide Holdings Inc.’s CEO John Buhler.

1. Data on file at OmniGuide Surgical

About OmniGuide Holdings, Inc.  

OmniGuide Holdings is a patient safety-focused medical technology innovator, providing a portfolio of advanced energy surgical tools to benefit clinicians and their patients.  The company’s technologies deliver energy in a precise and electrically silent manner, resulting in the preservation of healthy tissue.

OmniGuide Surgical, a leader in flexible fiber CO2 laser technology, offers a range of products designed to enhance surgical accuracy, access and control for minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopy and robotic-assisted surgery.

Domain Surgical, by OmniGuide, provides a patented ferromagnetic technology designed to provide safety and predictability in select surgical procedures that require cutting, coagulating and sealing tissue.


Tullio Cappelletto
Director, Marketing & Sales
OmniGuide, Inc.