OmniGuide, Inc. to Acquire Lisa Laser, Developer of Surgical Laser Products

Lexington, MA – August 6, 2018 – OmniGuide Holdings, Inc., a leader in patient-safety focused advanced surgical energy tools, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Lisa Laser Products OGH, a surgical laser company based in Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany, with a core competency of developing lasers for urological applications.  Additional terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

According to the American Urological Association, over 50% of men will suffer from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) by the age of 60, a condition that affects the quality of life of 30 million men in the USA alone. Since 1989, Lisa Laser has developed market-leading surgical laser technologies, consisting of both Thulium and Holmium lasers, to address the growing BPH trend, as well as other urological and soft-tissue related conditions which require minimally invasive surgery.  Lisa Laser’s product portfolio, which consists of laser hardware units, laser fibers, endoscopes and other accessories for laser assisted surgery, is renowned for its clinical efficacy and patient-safety oriented properties.  Lisa Laser’s technologies have positively impacted surgeons and their patients alike through their proven abilities to improve surgical outcomes such as the reduction of bleeding and the preservation of healthy tissue.

“Patient safety and positive surgical outcomes remain our top priority.  Lisa Laser’s portfolio of electrically-silent, precision based surgical therapies directly aligns with OmniGuide’s goal of benefiting patients through the preservation of healthy tissue during surgery, “ said John T. Buhler CEO of OmniGuide, Inc.

“We are pleased to be joining the OmniGuide team as we combine both our Thulium and Holmium laser technologies with OmniGuide’s market leading CO2 lasers and enhanced-safety flexible fibers” said Dr. Heinrich-Otto Teichmann, Managing Partner with Lisa Laser.  “As we strive to make tissue-sparing laser technology the global standard of care, we look forward to the innovation synergies presented by our combined capabilities.”

Based on the expected completion of the acquisition within Q3 2018, OmniGuide, Inc. anticipates integrating Lisa Laser Products OGH through its Strategic Business Unit (SBU) approach, whereby it would complement existing SBU’s OmniGuide Surgical and Domain Surgical.

About OmniGuide, Inc.  

OmniGuide, Inc. is a patient safety-focused medical technology innovator, providing a portfolio of advanced energy surgical tools to benefit clinicians and their patients alike. The company’s technologies deliver energy in a precise and electrically silent manner, resulting in the preservation of healthy tissue.

OmniGuide Surgical, a leader in flexible fiber CO2 laser technology, offers a range of products designed to enhance surgical accuracy, access and control for minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopy and robotic-assisted surgery.

Domain Surgical, by OmniGuide, Inc., provides a patented ferromagnetic technology designed to provide safety and predictability in selected surgical procedures that require cutting, coagulating and sealing of tissue.


Tullio Cappelletto
Director, Marketing & Sales
OmniGuide, Inc.