Use of OmniGuide CO2 Laser Fiber in Otologic Surgery

Authors: Jonathan R. Moss MD MPH, David M. Kaylie MD

First Published: January, 2008


The aim of our review is to look at the safety, efficacy and outcomes with the use of a handheld carbon dioxide (CO2) laser in middle ear surgery.

We reviewed our experience with the first three patients using the OmniGuide® CO2 laser fiber and surgical handpiece (figure 1) in otologic surgery. Specific variables of interest were hearing loss, facial nerve paralysis, vertigo or other complications.

We hypothesized that the OmniGuide CO2 laser fiber would not result in increased risk of hearing loss, facial paralysis, vertigo or other complications when used in middle ear surgery.

We found that the handheld CO2 laser was beneficial in removing disease in difficult to reach places and as a coagulator. There were no cases of hearing loss or vertigo.