The most advanced energy solutions

For precision cutting, hemostatic dissection and vessel sealing. OmniGuide's technology platforms deliver energy in a safe, contained manner resulting in the preservation of healthy tissue.

CO2 Laser Systems

OmniGuide Surgical’s advanced CO2 laser energy delivers precision in difficult to reach anatomy, while significantly limiting collateral thermal damage.1,2 Our technology enables surgeons to use CO2 energy in microsurgical, laparoscopic, and robotic-assisted approaches in conjunction with our revolutionary flexible fibers.

FMX Ferromagnetic Technology

Domain Surgical’s FMX™ Ferromagnetic Surgical System is an intelligent surgical platform that uses ferromagnetic technology to precisely cut, coagulate, and seal tissue; with a fraction of tissue injury compared to other surgical technologies,3,4 and without passing electrical current through the patient.

Sphinx Holmium Laser Systems

Lisa Laser’s pulsed Holmium Lasers provide a disruptive tissue effect. Ideal for Lithotripsy, HoLEP & other procedures involving the disruption of hard/soft calculi. Smart. Strong. Safe. Sphinx.

RevoLix Thulium Laser Systems

Lisa Laser’s Continuous Wave Thulium Lasers provide an efficient tissue vaporization effect. Ideal for Soft Tissue & BPH surgeries, including vaporization (ThuVAP), vaporesection (ThuVARP), enucleation (ThuLEP) & vapoenucleation (ThuVEP).

Scopeline Endoscopes

Lisa Laser’s portfolio of endourological endoscopes are designed for compatibility with our Holmium & Thulium lasers and laser fibers . Included are Uretero-Renoscopes, Laser Resectoscopes and Nephroscopes.

Not All Energy is the Same

Traditional Energy


Monopolar electrosurgical technology passes electrical current from the active electrode through the patient’s tissue, and to an attached grounding pad.


Ultrasonic technology converts electrical energy into frictional mechanical energy. The active blade of ultrasonic devices vibrates rapidly, cutting, coagulating, and sealing tissue.

Advanced Energy

CO2 Laser

CO2 lasers direct a beam of infrared light into tissue, vaporizing water to cut and coagulate tissue. Heat is transferred only a few microns beyond the target, preserving healthy adjacent tissue.


Ferromagnetic technology creates a thin layer of heat around the tip of the instrument. This heat cuts, coagulates, and seals target tissue, while leaving healthy, adjacent tissue undamaged.

Technology Comparison
Some surgical energies – such as monopolar and ultrasonic – can produce variable and unpredictable performance with excess damage to healthy tissue.1-4 Surgical procedures performed with OmniGuide’s advanced energy CO2 laser and Ferromagnetic technology result in less thermal injury to adjacent tissue,1-4 without passing potentially dangerous electrical current through the patient.

Where OmniGuide Technology is Used

OmniGuide technologies have been successfully used in over 100,000 procedures across numerous surgical specialties. Click on any of the videos below to watch OmniGuide technology in action.
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Published Clinical Evidence

OmniGuide’s surgical technologies have been featured in a number of peer-reviewed articles in clinical journals spanning multiple surgical specialties. A selection of these publications are shown below.

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