FMwand Hemostatic Dissector


Introducing the TRIO Multifunctional Handpiece. TRIO is the first and only handpiece that combines CO2 laser, bipolar cautery, and fluid suction.


TRIO may reduce instrument exchanges, which have been associated with:
  • Decreased operative time
  • Increased concentration & productivity
  • Reduced interruptions


TRIO combines the following functions into an ergonomic, single-use multifunctional handpiece:
  • Bipolar cautery
  • CO2 laser delivered via flexible fiber
  • Suction


TRIO provides the market leading CO2 laser performance that you know and trust.
  • Precise and efficient laser
    energy transmission
  • Designed and validated for
    exclusive use with OmniGuide’s
    enhanced safety fibers

TRIO is the first and only handpiece that combines
CO2 laser, bipolar cautery, and fluid suction

(A) CO2 laser
(B) Bipolar cautery
(C) Fluid suction

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    For Use Exclusively with OmniGuide’s Enhanced Safety Fibers

    Unlike silica-based fibers limited to a single mirror, OmniGuide Surgical’s polymer-based enhanced safety fibers use a multilayered set of mirrors to transmit CO2 energy — boosting performance and maximizing safety in every scenario. These smooth, reflective mirrors guide and control light, layer-by-layer — without compromising performance when the fiber is uniquely articulated to treat difficult-to-reach anatomy.


    Anatomy of an OmniGuide Surgical Fiber

    Fiber Base: The fiber base is a hollow cylindrical tube made up of layers of polymer-based mirrors, which reflect the laser energy the length of the fiber. A transparent outer cladding layer is placed between the fiber base and the fiber jacket, providing strength and enhancing durability.

    Mirror Layers: Mirror layers are the key to efficient transmission of CO2 energy. OmniGuide Surgical fibers feature smooth, reflective mirrors which trap, guide, and control light layer-by-layer. These mirrors efficiently reflect laser light at any angle with virtually no loss of energy in bend configurations.

    Fiber Jacket: The fiber jacket wraps around both the fiber base and the outer cladding, safely containing all laser energy. The jacket contains a stainless steel skeleton which makes the fiber more robust, and greatly reduces kinking.

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