Clinical Publications

OmniGuide's advanced energy surgical technologies are featured in a growing number of peer-reviewed publications in various clinical journals spanning multiple surgical specialties. These publications can be organized by product or by surgical specialty.

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Application of Ferromagnetic Dissection in Neurosurgery

Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Myomectomy and Adenomyomectomy with a Flexible CO2 Laser Device

Flexible Carbon Dioxide Laser Fiber Versus Ultrasonic Scalpel in Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Myomectomy

Nimble Laser Devices for MIGS

Greater Surgical Precision of a Flexible Carbon Dioxide Laser Fiber Compared to Monopolar Electrosurgery in Porcine Myometrium

Gross and Histologic Characteristics of Laparoscopic Injuries with Four Different Energy Sources

Flexible Fiber Optic Carbon-Dioxide Laser Assisted Stapedotomy in Otosclerosis

Use of OmniGuide CO2 Laser Fiber in Otologic Surgery

Management of Suprastomal Tracheal Fibroma: Introduction of a New Technique and Comparison with Other Techniques

Patient Tolerance of the Flexible CO2 Laser Versus the 585-nm Pulsed-Dye Laser for Office-Based Laryngeal Surgery

Emerging Technology: Flexible CO2 Laser WaveGuide

OmniGuide Photonic Bandgap Fibers for Flexible Delivery of CO2 Laser Energy for Laryngeal and Airway Surgery

Carbon Dioxide Laser Fiber for Laryngeal Cancer Surgery

Surgical Utility of a New Carbon Dioxide Laser Fiber: Functional and Histological Study

Use of the Photonic Band Gap Fiber Assembly CO2 Laser System in Head and Neck Surgical Oncology

Swing of the Surgical Pendulum: A Return to Surgery for Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer in the 21st Century?

Transoral Robot-Assisted CO2 Laser Supraglottic Laryngectomy: Experimental and Clinical Data

Validation of a Laparoscopic Ferromagnetic Technology-based Vessel Sealing Device and Comparative Study to Ultrasonic and Bipolar Laparoscopic Devices

A Ferromagnetic Surgical System Reduces Phrenic Nerve Injury in Redo Congenital Cardiac Surgery

Ferromagnetic Dissection in a Rat Glioma Model

Comparison of the Effects of Surgical Dissection Devices on the Rabbit Liver

Freedom From Electromagnetic Interference Between Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices and the FMwand Ferromagnetic Surgical System

Comparison of Tissue Effects in Rabbit Muscle of Surgical Dissection Devices

Comparison of Ferromagnetic Induction and Bipolar Electrosurgery and Suction in Corticotomies in Pig Cerebrum

Ferromagnetic Heating for Vessel Sealing and Division: Utility and Comparative Study to Ultrasonic and Bipolar Technologies

Retrospective Cohort Study Comparing Redo Operations Using Ferromagnetic Dissection and Conventional Monopolar Dissection